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Why should you choose Live22

When it comes to online casinos in Singapore, Live22 is not a common brand for online gambling platforms. Thus, this platform provides a sufficient service which gamblers seek for. Wide varieties of games to play for real money to chosen from. Aside from the games that are offer, playing at this platform has its upper hand advantages as well. To begin with, its dedicated customer service to assist issues regarding bets or errors that encountered by gamblers within the platform. Furthermore, this platform provide a pleasant gaming experience through mobile applications.

How to access Live22

There are two ways to access this platform, users may access through mobile devices, tablet, desktop and even laptop. In particular, should users be able to access the internet, then accessing this platform is not a hassle.

Live22 for Android operating system

With the present day mobile devices, accessing browsers or services is not troublesome anymore. As a result, this platform creates mobile device applications that can be easily accessed. On the condition users mobile device operating system are Android, users can download and have a better experience.

Live22 for iOS operating system

To begin with, Live22 mobile device applications are not complete at the moment for iOS users. Nevertheless, in the nearest future it will be prepare and released for users.

Live22 on Browser

Should gamblers wish to enjoy a better gambling experience, browsers are available too. As a result, access the website to have a bigger and clearer screen definition. In any event, gambler’s account works on both mobile devices and browsers.

Live22 game for real money

Wide range of games to be select from this platform . Namely, traditional fruit machines or modern slot games are available here. Furthermore, casino dealer table games or also known as live casinos are available too and not to miss arcade games for real money.

Live22 slots game

There are a total of 149 slot games to be choose from in this platform . Enjoy the wide varieties of random themes from fiction movies to historical Egyptian slots themes. On the contrary, 17 of these slot games are non progressive jackpot games.

Live casino

Anchoring Live22 live casino is one of the famous gambling solution providers Evolution Gaming. As a result, casino dealer table games such as baccarat, roulette, black jack, poker and game host varieties can be found here. Furthermore, do check out the Lightning Roulette, a special variant of roulette with higher odds of pay out.

Multiplayer arcade games

Enjoy childhood arcade games where you can play for real money. In particular, arcade games ranging from wheel of fortune to fish hunting, where scores can exchanged for real money. A total of 32 arcade games can be found on this platform . 

Offline arcade games

Offline arcade games or offline casino dealer table games can be found as well. On the condition, gamblers seeking for a faster pace game, this platform provides the option where players play against AI or system. Up to 21 offline arcade games can be found here.

Live22 slot game jackpot

The feeling of getting a jackpot is definitely exciting when it comes to slot games. Therefore in this platform, there are two types of jackpot awaits you. 

Live22 Tier Jackpot

For Live22 tier jackpot, there are four tiers which are Mini, Minor, Major and Grand tier jackpot. Gamblers can seek for the Gem icon beside the Titles of each slot game in the lobby. These gems are referring to the tier jackpot prizes that are linked between games. 

Live 22 Progressive Jackpot

Aside from tier jackpot, progressive jackpot is definitely the grand prize that every gamblers are seeking for. On the condition of gamblers playing the slot games that are a part of progressive jackpot, chance that you are one of the lucky winners. However, progressive jackpot are not easier to strike compared to tier jackpot.

Live22 Upgrade and Maintenance routine

To ensure both users and gamblers have a better and fresh gambling experience, this platform will hold maintenance routines from time to time. Indeed maintenance is troublesome as it is wasting time waiting for it to end, however, the maintenance routines are perform to remove or fix any errors. Therefore, do take a rest during its maintenance and come back later.