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About Jili Gaming

When it comes to slots games for online casinos in Singapore, Jili Gaming brands is one of the brands that comes to mind. Due to the fact this provider creates the best and original games. Henceforth in pursuit of excellence and innovation, which are the provider core values. By designing exciting online video slots and fishing games, this provider stays ahead of the competition.

Why should you choose Jili as your slots game provider

There are few reasons why slot gamblers should choose Jili Gaming as their gambling platform. Other than the notable high definition resolution this provider prepared, there are other few things worth mentioning which are the unique features that come with rewards!

Gaming level in Jili 

First unique features are levels that can be obtain in a user’s account. Specifically, these levels are to let players access higher rewards of mission or leaderboard ranking weekly or monthly based on the provider’s event.

Jili Daily Mission

Second unique features are daily missions where gamblers are able to complete missions in exchange for rewards. To illustrate, customized missions and different goals to pursue such as getting free game to complete the task. More importantly, the rewards come with free games of specific games. . 

Jili Gaming Item Card

Third unique features are item cards where gamblers will gain randomly when playing any slot game. Specifically, the item cards allowed gamblers to enter bonus features of specific slots. In short, gamblers are able to try out other slot games’ bonus features for free and with the chance of winning real money.

Leaderboard in Jili

Fourth unique features are leaderboard, where gamblers total winnings are accumulated. What’s more are the rewards for 200 gamblers that are ranked on the leaderboard. Specifically, there are two categories which are Jili Gaming users account level, the upper level users account category will receive better rewards while the lower level users account ranked 1st will get the equal level of rewards.

Jili Check In reward

Fifth unique features are check in or sign in features. Specifically, users just required to login and spin any game, rewards of item cards will be transfer into inventory. On the condition of users account are level 1 and above to be eligible for these rewards. Furthermore, the higher the user’s account level, the better the value of the item card will be obtain.

Jili Gaming Must Hit By Jackpot Counter

Lastly, the unique features are favorite of all gamblers, the jackpot counter. In any event, jackpot are definitely the most sought for winning in slots game. Therefore, this provider Jili Gaming prepares for you the must hit by counter. At any rate, the jackpot will be reward to random gamblers in the specific game. However, gamblers may win the jackpot earlier than the counter as well !

Gaming maintenance for Jili 

To ensure a better gaming experience is deliver to the end users ,maintenance routines are perform from time to time.Due to the latest improvement, new game and fixing any errors if there’s any. As a result, users are able to enjoy a better and trouble free gaming experience. Therefore, in the event users are unable to login into the game, maintenance is currently on going.