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What is slots game

Slot game, also known as a fruit machine back in the days, is a gambling machine that allowed gamblers to just pull the lever or by pressing a button today and with a chance to win the game for real money. Slots game are one of the easiest gambling games offered out there. As a result, most gamblers and players know how to play slots as it only consumes a pull of a lever or the press of a button.

Traditional Fruit Machine

Traditional slots game also known as fruit machines. Initially, ranging varieties of fruits combination with a chance to get a huge pay out base on the multiplier. On the contrary, compared to modern slots game, bonus features and free spins are not available.

Modern Slots Game

Compared to traditional fruit machines, modern slots games range from movie to game story character as their theme. In addition, the notable changes are the bonus features some of the game offered. Furthermore, chances to get free spins with eliminating small multiplier symbols are available too. What’s more are the chances to strike a jackpot.

How often do slots pay out? 

Slot machine games are one of the most profitable types in gambling category. Due to the fact that slot is uncertain with every spin that gives the gambler a chance of winning in many ways. At any rate, gamblers who spin a bet might win based on line winning, multiple line winning, free spin, bonus game and even a chance to strike Jackpot.

Wild Card

Wild symbols is perhaps one of the most enticing symbols gamblers are looking for. Initially, wild symbols work like joker and are able to replace any symbols. In any event that gamblers get 5 wild symbols on line winning slots, huge pay out are definitely secured. Furthermore, wild symbols are able to replace scatter symbols as well to enter free spin features. However, some of the game does not include wild symbols for scatter, do check out the game info for further information.

Scatter and Free Spin

Scatter symbols are another enticing symbol that gamblers are looking for during playing slots game. Granting that three or more scatter symbols appear, free spin consists of up to 50 free games available depending on the game. Furthermore, for some varieties of slots game, multipliers for winning during free spin included too. In addition, gamblers may get up to 300 free spins in the event of getting extra scatter during free spin.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are extra features that are available for modern slots game. However, not all games consist of bonus features. Initially, bonus features guaranteed winnings instantly, gamblers may get random winning based on picked choice. On the other hand, bonus features are different to free spin where winnings are based on line. 


Jackpot is another form of guaranteed winnings on slots game. In any event of striking a jackpot, random winnings from hundred and thousand or tenth of thousands. On the contrary, not every player gets the same chance and luck to strike the jackpot. Regardless of the betting amount, betting amount or value does not affect the chance of getting a jackpot.

What type of slots game are easier to win

There are no certain types of slots game that are easier to win. Initially choose the suitable winning type of slots such as line winning slots or all way winning slots. In addition, choose the slots that consist of lesser symbols for a better chance of winning.

Line winning slots game

A standard lay out consists of three or more reels that spin when being pulled or spin. Granting winning base on the line strike from 1×3, 3×3, 3×5, 5×5, 5×8, 8×5 reel. However gamblers need to get the same symbol on the required line to win. Initially, winnings can be take into account from left to right or vice versa from right to left.

All way winning slots game

Similarly the other type of slot which is all way slots consist of 243 ways slot, 720 ways slot, 1024 ways slot and 3125 slots ways to get a pay out. For instance, an symbol will multiply the numbers from left reel to right reel regardless of its position. Due to the fact, the higher the multiplier the higher the winning is. Initially, all way slots are less popular compared to traditional slots as it’s harder to get free spin games.