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What is horse racing

Horse racings also known as derby, an equestrian sport where horses are ride  by jockeys to race to the end of line. Initially, horse racing is one form of waging bets on participating horses. Furthermore, horse racing is says to have started during Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome time. 

How do you bet on horse racing online

To bet on horse racing via online, one needs to open an account for placing bets. Initially, contact our customer service representative for registration on the account. Subsequently, provide personal information that is request for registration. Finally, after verification and registration has been done, you will be contact by one of our representatives for the login and password.

How often does a favorite horse win

Favor horses are always available and attract the most bets. Initially, favor hoses always secure winning places more than 30%. However, the odds are not so favorable towards gamblers as the odds are comparably lower.

What other racing match are cover aside of horse racing

Aside from horse racing, there are other famous races covered too. To begin with, greyhounds racing and harness racing are being feature at our horse racing platform. Therefore, look for the match and place your bets correctly.

What country match are cover for horse racing

Should you be looking for horse racing, no worries as we got you covered. For example, most of the horse racing matches are cover in our horse racings match. To summarize, the list of our covered horse racing countries are :-

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • Irish 
  • France
  • British / UK
  • UK / Ireland Dog
  • UAE / Meydan
  • Macau Dog
  • Macau Overseas
  • Australia Hs / Harness
  • Australia Dog
  • USA/Canada HS / Harness / Dog
  • Sweden Hs / Harness
  • Mauritius Hs / Harness(South Africa )
  • Zimbabwe Hs (South Africa )
  • Korea Hs
  • Italy Hs / Harness

Tips and trick for racing horse bettings

There’s no secret when placing bets, gamblers would have their multiple theories of choosing the winning horse. Therefore, we are sharing few point for research that should be look out for before placing a bets. Initially, these tips and tricks do not guarantee any winnings. However, it does increase your odds of winning based on the research.

Horse Racings Stall / Position for the race

Horse stalls are one of the main points that one should look for. As it affects the range of horse range and space. In short, the horse in the outer position during the match has the better advantages as the space are not being limit.

Horse racings finishing places on previous race

Previous match results are one of the extra details and information that can benefit gamblers. For example, the stall position and the outcome of the race. Conversely, placing a bets with some research made is advisable.

Horse racings jockey and Horse trainers

Aside from previous match data, jockey and horse trainers’ statistics and data are important too. For example, the weight and height of the jockey. Initially, it might seem it’s not important as it does not matter. However, since the jockey is going to ride the horse, the weight will impact the performance of the horse as well.