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JudiBot: Singapore Trusted Online Casino Bot 2022

The presence of online gambling today is not common especially in Singapore. Namely, JudiBot is one of the most trusted online casino bot and secure online casino in Singapore where you can play for real money. At any rate, JudiBot online casino bot offers an comfortable user interface to navigate around. Hence, by providing comfortable  together with reputation, JudiBot able to capture most of Singapore gamblers. In addition, variety of online gambling platform like slots game, live casino, sports betting, e-sports betting and 4D betting.

Objective of JudiBot Online Casino Bot

As a online casino platform , flexibility and convenience is a part of hassle free. Specifically this is our objective. Similarly our aim is to eliminate and reduce time consuming request according to the request. As a result this drives us to find a better solutions which is Telegram Bot, thus JudiBot Online Casino Bot is created. Secondly, instead of waiting your request to be entertain, sit back and relax, put your focus on the bets. Compare to traditional method, gamblers have to send request before their request being entertain. To summarise, our casino bot is capable of doing the majority of the functions that an online casino requires.


Our Casino Bot

Firstly, our casino bot is a self-sufficient, independent bot that allows you to handle transactions such as deposit and withdrawal. Additionally, it has the capability of handling commands such as credit transfers within and outside of the gambling platform. Furthermore, it has a record of online gambling platform ID and Password, so users do not need to memorize the ID details. Initially, if you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by selecting the command. Whenever you want to check all gambling platforms in case of excess balance, just select the command. In any case, in case you forgot your login password, you can select the ID that you want to reset your password and it will be done instantly. To summarize, our casino bot able to handle most of the need base function that an online casino need.


Registration Frequently Asked Question

To begin with JudiBot is on Telegram. Unquestionably, JudiBot is a Telegram base Bot that responds to command. To register in JudiBot, simply search for JudiBot SG in Telegram search bar or simply click the link below

JudiBot Admin (SG)

JudiBot only required Singapore phone number with prefix (+65) for registration. Personal banking details will be prompt to filled eventually during withdrawal only.

Non Singaporean are welcome to joined as well. Initially, registration with JudiBot using Singapore prefix phone number (+65) accepted only. However, punters need to have Singapore bank account incase of withdrawal.

Are you facing ‘An Error Occurred, Try again later.’

If you are, your phone number has been registered with JudiBot before. To reset your phone number, kindly contact our Customer Service representative on the link below.

JudiBot Admin (SG)

For user that don’t have their access or does not use previous Telegram , if you wish to use the previous game account or profile, kindly contact our Customer Service representative. Particularly note that new JudiBot username will be automatically assigned according to your Telegram ID.

Basically YES, we do have option to deactivate JudiBot user upon request. To deactivate your JudiBot user, kindly contact our Customer Service Representative.

JudiBot Admin (SG)

Deposit Frequently Asked Question

To begin with, various payment method of local bank are available such as online banking , cash deposit via Cash Deposit Machine and PayNow are supported in (SGD) currency. For instances, deposit method can be easily made through online banking such as instant transfer/FAST and PayNow. However, at JudiBot we do not encourage gamblers to use IBG as it take 3 to 5 working days later for the transaction to be reflect in users wallet.

At any rate, every transaction will be process by JudiBot by queue. For instance, every deposit approval will consume around 1minutes to 5minutes upon submission of deposit to JudiBot 

Generally NOT, at JudiBot does not accept third party deposit. Alternatively, punters can make deposit via Cash Deposit Machine. Afterward, take a picture of your receipt as a proof of deposit.

To begin with, there are few sensitive references to be avoid such as gambling related, racism remarks and bad word remarks. Particularly references that are encourage for faster deposit are username or fill in registered phone number.

In any event the deposit is reject, attempt to submit again, should it rejected for second time, consult our customer service.

JudiBot Admin (SG)

The banking account for JudiBot does not change from time to time. However due to unforeseen changes of bank, notice will be issue to gamblers. To summarize, JudiBot banking does not change and remain the same.

Withdrawal Frequently Asked Question

Undoubtedly every withdrawal will be transfer using INSTANT TRANSFER / FAST / PayNow so that punters may enjoy the winning immediately instead of having to wait. However, incase of situation like punters wish make a withdrawal and Instant Transfer service are down, JudiBot will proceed the transfer via Interbank Giro (IBG)

Presently the withdrawal process will consume average of 1minutes to 3minutes for withdrawal to be complete upon completion of verification. Granted that verification of the game are not being flag.

Straightaway YES, punters do have option to add other banking account via JudiBot SG. However, to add another users banking account required to consult our customer service as the account users are bind to the first users that registered. 

JudiBot Admin (SG)

Unquestionably there’s no limit for banking account that you can have in JudiBot. However for a pleasant withdrawal process, suggested of 5 banking account instead of having a list of banking account prompted for the withdrawal funds to be process.

Consequently of gamblers does not have bank account for withdrawal, withdrawal are still able to made to third party account, provided bank personal information are required to prove it’s legitimate account of the third party.

Credit In Frequently Asked Question

To start playing your favorite platform or game, punters need to have credit inside the platform. Granted that you have successfully deposited, you will need to credit in to start your journey winning your bet by placing your bets. Thus credit in is transferring the wages that you wish to allocate on the platform

The minimum amount for credit in will be $0.01, the amount are fully independent base. In addition credit in maximum amount is subject to the maximum credit of your wallet.

In the event of failing to credit in, the online gambling platform are having maintenance. On the contrary, Judibot will update the time of schedule maintenance if there’s any. Occasionally if punters are having trouble of credit in, kindly consult our customer service

JudiBot Admin (SG)

To begin with, punters does not need to worried as every transaction recorded and will be process once the command are receive by JudiBot. Regardless of the connection, should punters encounter trouble with missing credit, kindly contact our customer service.

Credit Out Frequently Asked Question

Basically to enjoy your winnings, punters need to withdraw the funds from the online gambling ID. To illustrate Credit Out is a function where punters transfer the credit from online gambling ID into JudiBot wallet funds. 

The minimum amount for credit out will be 1. However punters not obliged to transfer all of the credit to JudiBot wallet. In the same manner, punters may keep some balance to continue placing the bets.

In the event of failing to credit out, punters are require to logout of the online gambling platform in order to transfer the winnings to JudiBot wallet. Due to the system requirement of not interfering with any bets activity should there be any. In addition, should the problem persist, the online gambling platform could be having maintenance. On the contrary, Judibot will update the time of schedule maintenance if there’s any. Occasionally if punters are having trouble of credit in, kindly consult our customer service

Firstly, every transaction records are kept and can be refer by JudiBot. In other words punters does not need to worried as every transaction are record and will be process once the command are received by JudiBot. However, should punters encounter trouble with missing credit repetitively, kindly contact our customer service.

Game ID Frequently Asked Question

Every JudiBot users are allow to own (3) Game ID per platform. In other words, punters may own up to (21) Game ID for total of (9) online gambling platform game. However, only (1) Game ID are allow for non deposited members. On contrary, the restriction for (1) Game ID will be lift upon successfully deposit.

Punters may still continue to play per normal use. However, long listing of Game ID will be prompt upon credit in / out process which will cause the device to delay nor JudiBot won’t respond to commands. On the contrary, should punters met with this problem, kindly seek our customer service for assistance.

JudiBot Admin (SG)

A long list of unused ID indeed eyesore. Therefore JudiBot does allowed users to deactivate the unused Game ID. However, punters need to consult JudiBot customer service to deactivate unused Game ID.

Indeed old Game ID could have less purpose to play with if you does not have any winning in it. Therefore, punters may approach our customer service to deactivate the old Game ID and to open new Game ID. However, a maximum of (5) deactivation of old Game ID are allow each month.

Check ID Frequently Asked Question

A 5minutes gap of check ID applied. Due to the details and remaining balance of credit in the Game ID are fix if there’s no command are taken place.

Approximately of 10 to 1minute are quite for check ID purpose. Due to check ID commands include checking the balance of the Game ID have at the moment. To summarize, the more Game ID punters own, the longer the process will take for check ID to complete the process.

A 5minutes gap of check ID are applied. Due to the details and remaining balance of credit in the Game ID are fixed if there’s  no command are taken place. 

Check ID commands are use to stored and shown punters owned Game ID. However do take note that the password shown are the password for first to login only. In any event that punters has logged in to the Game ID, system will prompt to change the password to personal password and JudiBot does not provide the password of after changes.

Reset Password Frequently Asked Question

Reset password is a function where punters are allow to reset the password by just selecting the commands. More importantly, punters does not need to wait for customer service to reset the password on your behalf.

Due to security purposes, every online gambling Game ID entered password are case sensitive, should punters unable to login after reset password, kindly copy and paste the password instead of entering the password.

Online gambling platform security are strict, in the event of punters enter the wrong password (3) times or more, the Game ID will be lock. However, some of the online gambling platform will unlocked the Game ID in 30minutes. Subsequently, for the account are permanently locked, kindly contact our customer service.

Reward Frequently Asked Question

Reward Points (RP) is a reward system for JudiBot deposited member. For instance, punters may exchange the reward point for real money credits. Furthermore, Reward Points rewards will be more if you deposit more. In other words, the more you deposit, the more reward point you will gain.

JudiBot reward point rate consists of (2) tier, the lower rate and the higehr rate. At any rate, the rewards point are fluctuate rate base on the seasonal. As a result, punters are encourage to check on the rate from season to season. 

The exchange rate for JudiBot agent point are fix at 1AP: $1

On the contrary JudiBot will held event once in a blue moon, where the exchange rate will be lower during promotion period. Nevertheless, do checkout for events that are held by JudiBo from time to time.

The reward point will be valid for (30)days from the last deposited date. Regardless of the validity date, every deposit made will reset the expiry due for Reward Point.

Agent Frequently Asked Question

JudiBot agent commands are a recruitment system that allow punters to earn passive income. In the same manner, it allow punter to generate income that are withdrawable or to place bets. Instead of earning when your friend lose (on other platform) we generate passive income for you base on deposit made by your referred. 

For every deposit are made by the punters referred will gain punter 1% of the  deposit value as Agent Point. Granting the deposit are success and approved by JudiBot. In the same manner, the higher the deposit the higher AP will gained by punters.

The exchange rate for JudiBot agent point are fixed at 1AP: $1

On the contrary JudiBot will held event once in a blue moon, where the exchange rate will be lower during promotion period. Nevertheless, do checkout for events that are held by JudiBot from time to time.

Punters may get the agent link under /agent. However the link will only be provide for members. In other words non deposit member are not eligible for this referral program. Nevertheless, the referral program will be unlock upon first success deposit.

The agent point are valid for (30)days from the date gained. Regardless of the validity date, every deposit made by punters referred will reset the expiry due for Agent Point. Therefore, do remind referred to make deposit if punters wish to collect the sum of AP for exchange at once.

JudiBot Casino Bot Others Frequently Asked Question

JudiBot username can be found on /menu or /me and the username would be SGxxxxx for example SG00001

Yes, there’s guidance on how to use JudiBot, simple select /howtouse commands to get the infographic. Alternatively, punters may visit our YouTube channel for video guidance.

YouTube JudiBot

The /livechat commands will get punters to chat with JudiBot Customer Service that will assist in every problem that punters encounter. In addition, solve the question that punters have.

Currently (3) language that supported which is Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese (中文). Particularly, punters will be prompt to select language at the beginning during registration. However should punters wish to change the languages, the commands can be found under /otherservices

JudiBot Online Casino Bot Others Services Frequently Asked Question

Punters that wish to download for online gambling platform may get the list for download by pressing /download

At JudiBot punters security and privacy is top priority. Therefore JudiBot does prepare VPN download link for punters for usage. Initially VPN is an network privacy and security tools that are optional for punters usage. In the event punters unable to login to online gambling platform due to the fact that local authorities restricting network connection towards the online gambling platform, VPN will be useful for bypassing the restriction.

The /gametips is commands that will show to punters the list of high withdrawal amount game in the last 24hour on JudiBot. However, the game tips shown not guaranteed winning and are shown for references only should punters are looking for more details.

The terms in JudiBot are summary of terms and condition for JudiBot. However for complete terms and condition kindly proceed to the JudiBot terms and conditions or simply click the link below.

Terms & Conditions