Terms and Condition

This page contains information explaining your rights in accessing and using JudiBot .
The Terms and Conditions relating to the games and promotions available on the website are posted from time to time, which are incorporated herein by reference.

  1. All terms & conditions stated here are effective from 01-01-2020.
  2. All gaming rules will follow our affiliated partner site rules. In the event of dispute, we will forward the case to our affiliated partner’s support department. JudiBot reserves the right to follow our affiliated partner’s final decision.
  3. JudiBot affiliated partners reserve the right to void, refuse and reject any bets placed under JudiBot members who are suspected of abnormal, irregular bets or in the event of usage of Artificial Intelligence (BOTS).
  4. At JudiBot , we take every necessary safety and security measures to ensure the best experience on the website. JudiBot will not be held responsible for any credit losses. In the event where member’s account has been hacked, JudiBot will only take the responsibility if the security breach is from our site.
  5. To avoid any fraudulent activity, members are not allowed to withdraw any of their funds without betting after depositing.
  6. JudiBot reserves the right to add in, take out or amend any parts of the terms and conditions on site without any prior notice. Members are advised to check for the updated terms and conditions.
  7. JudiBot reserves the right to refuse to provide access to members in certain countries.
  8. JudiBot reserves the right to refuse to provide access to members that are affiliated with other casino.
  9. Each bank account can only be tied to one JudiBot member account. JudiBot reserves the right to revoke, suspend any member or gaming account with repetitive or same banking information.
  10. All deposits without claiming any promotion needed reached x1 times rollover before request any funds withdraw.
  11. Judibot reserve the forfeit deposited amount of money together with winning in the event confirmation of abnormal, irregular bets or in the event of usage of Artificial Intelligence (BOTS).
  12. JudiBot reserves the rights to cancel or forfeit any free credit that is given out.
  13. Free credit player are subjected to withdrawal of RM25 maximum only, remaining balance will be forfeit.
  14. JudiBot reserves the right to alter the Reward Point (RP) rate from time to time. 
  15. Rewards Point are applied with other JudiBot general terms.
  16. JudiBot reserves the right to deactivate users Reward Point benefit. 
  17. JudiBot reserves the right to alter any Agent Point (AP) rate from time to time.
  18. JudiBot reserves the right to forfeit any Agent Point should there be any suspicious and fraud related are involved.
  19. JudiBot reserves the right to deactivate users Agent Point benefit.
  20. JudiBot does not tolerate any abusive behavior towards our Customer Service  and reserves the right to terminate and deactivate chat function between both party.
  21. JudiBot reserves the right to hold withdrawal up to 7days or 168hours should there be any investigation on the users gameplay are ongoing.
  22. JudiBot reserves the right to deactivate users or account access that are related to scam, casino and users that are age 18 below.
  1. JudiBot maintains and upgrades all the elements in the site to ensure all members’ safety from aspect of fund or personal information.
  2. Please be informed that it is the responsibility of every JudiBot member to keep their username and password safe and private. We do not recommend members to share their username among each other. JudiBot will not take any responsibility in the event where your username or password has been compromised or stolen due to member’s negligence.
  3. Each member is responsible for providing the latest personal information or banking information to JudiBot. JudiBot will process any transaction submitted by members according to the latest stated information in the system.
  1. JudiBot reserves the right to only credit your gaming account after verification and confirmation of your deposit being received.
  2. There will be an administration fee of RM5 deducted automatically from any withdrawal request figure less than RM50 in the respective currency of the member’s gaming account.
  3. The minimum initial deposit amount is RM100, RM20 for each top-up transaction.
  4. To ensure the security of all JudiBot members, we reserve the right to reject any withdrawal of funds if there is any discrepancy in the provided information.
  5. JudiBot reserves the right to hold your withdrawal if your member or gaming account is suspended for further investigation on fraudulent activities without prior notice.
  6. The figure of new registration, top-up, and withdrawal are integer based. Example: RM10, RM30, RM180, RM990)
  7. All deposit & reload may require multiple security verification for example ATM machine transaction slips and unedited screenshot of valid transaction to avoid any unnecessary security issue with member’s fund. This applies to deposit or reload via cash deposit machine, online banking transfer.
  8. JudiBot reserves the right to request further deposit proof from members in the event where there are multiple deposit or reload transactions submitted at the same time.
  9. All withdrawals will be processed after a verification period of not more than twenty four hours before the fund can be transferred to the respective beneficiary bank account registered with JudiBot .

Privacy policy
1. We respect your privacy and ensure the security of your data, which is our top priority.
2. JudiBot will never disclose your personal data to third parties unless requested to do so by a court leaflet or as required by applicable law.
3. We have the right to make payments through the website to the payment platform service provider as well as to the finance
4. The insurance institution provides the necessary personal information to complete the payment request.
5. All personal information provided by the user will be transmitted through the secure port (128-bit SSL encryption standard) and stored in the public can not enter the confidential environment.
6. Internal access to all data is subject to strict limits and tight monitoring.
7. JudiBot and our partners will email or sent you a message about promotional offers that may be of interest to you.
8. JudiBot will not disclose any personally identifiable information to any third party, which is the purpose of our Privacy Policy.
Rational gambling
9. We offer a wide range of assistance to our clients in the area of ​​gaming self-regulation including:
– Online Deposit Limit
– Temporarily close your account
– Information about controlling your bets
– Questionable gambling questionnaires
– Parental Controls

Age of full betting
It is unlawful for a person under the age of 18 to engage in gambling. JudiBot is strictly enforceable in this respect. For customers who choose a payment method (such as under 18 years of age), we will age. In addition, customers are randomly selected for age verification, regardless of the payment method they use.
Once the customer is found to be under the age of 18, all winnings will be forfeited and processed by the relevant department.

Employee training
All of our customer service staff are trained in problematic gaming.

Online Deposit Limit
This feature helps customers control their online deposit limits every 24 hours or every 168 hours (7 days). You can reduce this limit at any time, and you need to apply 24 hours in advance to increase your quota. Our customer service team is happy to assist you, but we will not be able to change the limits set by the customer.

View account history
Customers can view the history of deposit and withdrawal transactions at any time. Account balances are displayed when you log in to the JudiBot home page, and can also be viewed in the Members section.

Moderate gambling
JudiBot allows customers to self-prohibit the use of accounts, the deadline for June, 1 year, 2 years or 5 years.
Once the account is closed, the customer can not reopen his account for any reason until the expiration date is set.
During closure JudiBot will do everything in its power to prevent the customer from opening a new account.
If the account status is simply ‘closed’, the account can be reopened at any time.
If you would like to use this feature, or would like more information, please contact us, our professional customer service staff will be happy to help you.

Information about controlling your bets
While people use their way of gambling, gambling has become a problem for some people. The following tips may help you control your gaming problems:
Gambling is just a form of entertainment and should not be seen as a way to make money
To avoid the idea of ​​losing money to win back
Bet only on the amount you can afford
Always remember the time and money spent on gambling
If you do not want to betting, you can choose to use the self-control of the closing account

Questionable gambling questionnaires
If you are concerned that gambling will occupy your (or other) life, the following questions can help you find the answer:
Do you not go to work or not to go to school because of gambling?
Are you betting to escape boredom or unpleasant life?
Do you feel disappointed or even desperate when you spend your money and hope to gamble again?
Will you bet on the last penny?
Have you ever used lies to disguise the time and money you spend on gambling?
Has anyone ever criticized your betting behavior?
Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
After you lose, whether you want to lose money to win back immediately?
Are you betting because of an argument, frustration or disappointment?
Have you ever lost or even succumbed to gambling?

The more you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, the closer you are to having a serious gaming problem.

Parental Controls
Parents or guardians can use a range of third-party software to monitor or restrict the use of the computer’s Internet:
Net Nanny filtering software to prevent children from browsing inappropriate site content: www.netnanny.com
CYBERsitter filtering software allows parents to add a custom filtering site: www.cybersitter.com

JudiBot takes no responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of the content on the pages to which it is linked to external web sites. Use of this network for betting purposes may be for residents or individuals living in certain countries. JudiBot does not intend this network to be used in countries where betting activities are illegal for individuals. The user’s responsibility includes determining the legal enforcement of the area where he / she is located and determining that their / their actions are bets placed in a legitimate jurisdiction on our network, JudiBot will not accept legal or legal action in the jurisdiction Breach of the law.

JudiBot Entertainment invites you to enjoy your gaming experience across all of our company’s channels, with most of them enjoying their pastimes, including both excitement and frustration and disappointment in the experience of victory.
We require all clients to be responsible for their bets on their finances, but we acknowledge that this type of bets will not constitute a negative gambling issue under the assurances of socially responsible service providers and service users. For this reason it is important for JudiBot entertainment to let the user know that it can be harmful under uncontrolled and uncontrolled gambling.

You will need to adhere to the following Gambling Responsibility Guidelines
Record your playing time
Only cost you enough to dominate the loss
Clear your free use of revenue
Record your spend
Remember that the numbers on the screen are real money
Avoid chasing your losses
If you are a parent, please keep your password safe and prevent minors from using the network.
If you have a problem, you can request a self-exclusion from the page, please see our Legal Policy and Troubleshooting
Keep your user name and password secure, and away from any third party. Effective help can be organized through diligent and confidential organizations and for those who believe they may have gambling problems, or know someone, if you have a need, we fully support the efforts of these organizations and urge you to seek their help or advice , The online anonymous self-assessment form available at www.gamcare.org.uk to help you determine whether you have the potential gambling problems.

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