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If you are having a losing streak then our rebate bonus is for you.

In particular, cash back for the losses you occurred.

As one of the best
online casino in Malaysia, JudiBot did not miss out on the rebate for losses.

One of the HIGHEST Rebate for online casino in Malaysia

Highest amount


With RM177,760 losses

Lowest amount


With RM50 losess

Final Losses Amount


Rebate Value













What is rebate bonus

Cash back bonus is an incentive of cash back up to 5% base on losses during placing the bets. Initially, this incentive serves as a purpose of having a chance to win or fight back what has lost.

How much is the rebate bonus worth

As per say, this promotion is base on losses and worth up to 5% of total losing of the week. However, the cash back capped at RM8,888 or 5% whichever is lower.

What is the basic basis for this rebate promotion bonus

There are few basis to achieve for eligibility. To illustrate, gamblers need to have at least lost RM50 and above to be eligible for the weekly cash back.

What is the period for this rebate eligibility bonus

This promotion is base on losing every week from Monday to Sunday. On contrary, gamblers that are eligible will be notify.

What channel of notification will I be contacted for this bonus

To begin with, gamblers will be notify via SMS for eligibility on this promotion. Initially, screen capture and show it to JudiBot customer service representative for redemption.

JudiBot Admin (MY)

When will I been notified to claim this rebate bonus

Our promotion period for eligibility will be from Monday to Sunday as per say and will be notified to claim on Monday 12pm. However, SMS time are vary as the notification will base on the telecommunication provider.

What If I did not receive notifications for this rebate promotion

Should you not receive any notifications from JudiBot, congrats as you have a winning record on last week. More importantly, should gamblers wish to verify on the record if you are eligible may consult our customer service representative

How long will this bonus on rebate will held

This cash back promotion is fix for every week base on losses. However, do take note that JudiBot reserves the right to amend the terms or cancel this promotion any time without issuing notices.

Is there any due time for claiming this cashback bonus

This promotion will be valid for up to 2weeks from the promotion cash back issue time which is Monday, 12pm. In any event if gamblers are late by 2weeks, the redemption is officially not valid.

Can I make deposit after claiming this rebate promotion

Specifically yes you can. Initially there’s no restriction for deposit upon claiming this promotion. More importantly, make a deposit to make a higher stakes on the initial cash back value. In the event of lucky streak, gambler will have a higher stakes to continuing placing a bets without having to make a deposit during streak time.

Is there any charges or deduction for this promotion bonus

Specifically yes there is. Initially losing amount of gamblers are subjected for deduction of 20% before the final amount are finalize for the cash back amount.

What is this 20% charges that are taking into account

Initially these charges are to cover any outgoing credit that has taken place. The outgoing charges consist of marketing fees, maintenance fees and miscellaneous expenses.

Can this bonus be claimed together with other ongoing promotion

Gamblers allowed to claim together with deposit bonus. However gamblers is restrict to claim together with Attendance Bonus. To summarize, Deposit Bonus allowed to claimed together excluding Attendance Bonus.

Can I use other users to claim this rebate promotion

Strictly not allowed. Conversely, this promotion will only be credit into the users that are having the losing streaks. However, should gamblers has no access to the previous users and have new users account, this are acceptable with verification  needed to provide before the promotion are credit into the new users.

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