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Are you looking for deposit bonus ?

If you are then JudiBot is the right place for you as we reward punter with Reward Point (RP) for every deposit which can be exchange as game credit. In other words, DEPOSIT BONUS ! Initially, deposit now and maximize your betting with JudiBot.

Deposit Amount (RM)

Reward Points

RM20 - RM99

RM1 : 12.5 Reward Point

RM100 >

RM1 : 25 Reward Point

Deposit Gained Reward Point

Deposit RM50

625 Reward Point

RM20 x 12.5 Reward Point

RM1 : 12.5 Reward Point

Deposit RM200

5000 Reward Point

RM200 x 25 Reward Point

RM1 : 25 Reward Point

Reward Point Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

Exchange Value

500 Reward Point


What is Deposit Bonus

In particular, deposit bonus is where gamblers get extra credit on top of the amount you cash in. For instance, deposit RM50 and get RM60 credit value ! Therefore, that is extra RM10 credit that you get and that is the deposit bonus.

Why should you take this bonus after you made deposit

Specifically, with this bonus , gamblers will have a longer run of betting play. Furthermore, who does not like free stuff? On the contrary, with this bonus offered, does not guarantee any winning, but it sure does help with larger stakes of bet per match. Subsequently, with higher stakes per bet will allow gamblers achieve bigger winnings.

How does this deposit bonus work

Upon approval of the deposit, gamblers will gain Reward Point which can exchanged into game credit. In other words, extra credit bonus for your betting per match. Subsequently, head to /reward for exchanging the Reward Point into game credit. Furthermore, do check out our Casino Bot for exchanging Reward Points into these bonus steps.   

Click here to view how to exchange Reward Point

What is the deposit terms for this bonus

There’s no deposit terms applied. In addition, it’s completely optional up to your desired deposit amount. However, higher value of deposit are encourage to maximize this promotion. Furthermore, JudiBot does not have any restriction on the deposit method for claiming this promotion.

What is the terms for this bonus

Gamblers required to complete basic x1 total betting of deposit plus bonus before any withdrawal allowed to be make. On the contrary, general terms and conditions of JudiBot applied. For instance, in the event of gamblers make a deposit of RM200 , (RM200 + RM10 ) x 1 total betting = RM210 of total betting are required to achieve.

How much is the bonus worth

As per shown on the diagrams above. Furthermore, deposit a higher amount to get a higher Reward Point. Initially with higher stakes allowed better chance of winning and longer run of betting play.

How long is this promotion will be held

To begin with, this is a fixed promotion and it will stay. However, the rate subjected to varied as the rate will changed base on seasonal events. On the contrary, the diagram shown are fix base rate for this promotion. In addition, look out for JudiBot Event for higher rate of Reward Point

When will I get the Reward Point

The Reward Point will be credited into gamblers JudiBot users instantly upon approval of the deposit. For instance, check out /reward for the Reward Point gained.

What if you are not credited with the Reward Point upon deposit

Should gamblers encounter this error, do not hesitate to contact our customer service representative for assistance. Furthermore, our customer support are 24/7 readied to assist gamblers.

JudiBot Admin (MY)

Is there any validity due for this Reward Point

Specifically yes there is. At any rate, the reward points are valid for 30days from the date of deposit. Subsequently, gamblers will be notify by JudiBot 3days before the expiring of the Reward Point.

Can I make deposit to extend the validity of Reward Point bonus

Specifically yes you can. To begin with, Reward Point validity will extended each time a deposit is approve. In other words, there’s no validity or expiring date should gamblers make a deposit everyday.

Can this bonus be claimed together with other ongoing promotion

Gamblers allowed to claimed together with other promotion as this promotion are fix for every deposit and does not clash with other promotion. Furthermore, do check out our event and other promotion to maximize your winnings.

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