Attendance Bonus

JudiBot is rewarding you with an attendance bonus for being active.

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Rewards incentive




Rewards Incentive




Rewards Incentive

What is Attendance Bonus 

This promotion is a reward that is given for active punters that play with JudiBot every week on Tuesday. By just making a deposit for up to 7days, punters will be reward game credit. More importantly, as one of the leading online casino in Malaysia, JudiBot does not miss out rewards for punters.

How does Attendance Bonus work

This promotion eligibility counted based on entries per day up to 7days. By just making a deposit any day during Monday to Sunday in JudiBot, gamblers are eligible for (1) entries per day for Attendance Bonus.

What If I made a fund transfer yesterday and submit later for deposit

JudiBot will record the transaction entries based on the day of submission for deposit. Therefore, your entries will be count as later that day instead of the time of deposit or funds being made.

Why is the incentive bonus reward are so low

Note that this is an extra reward for being active and it’s not counted as deposit bonus or cash back losses. Therefore, the rewards are fix and to be eligible for higher rewards, stay active.

How is the incentive rewards are being draft out

The current draft for rewards are base on active days such as 3days multiplied by 1, 5days multiplied by 2 and 7days multiplied by 3. However, do look out for ongoing events for higher rewards and bonus.

How do I know If I’m eligible for this Attendance Bonus

Gambler that are eligible for JudiBot Attendance Bonus will receive notification via SMS from JudiBot for redemption. Initially, screen captured the notification and show it to our customer service representative for redemption and the rewards will be credited into punters JudiBot users.

JudiBot Admin MY

When will I receive the SMS notification for this bonus

The notification will be sent out on Tuesday 12pm & 6pm every week. However, notification receiving time is base on gamblers telecommunication provider.

What If you did not receive any notifications from JudiBot

Should gambler not receive any notification from JudiBot, try again the following week as this promotion is fix for every week. However, should punters wish to check eligibility on this promotion, kindly head to consult our customer service representative.

How long is this promotion and incentive will be held

This promotion is fix for every week until further notice. However, JudiBot reserves the right to amend the cancel this promotion any time without issuing notices.

Is there any due date for claim this incentive

Yes there is. Initially, claim the incentive rewards before Sunday of the week.

Can this attendance bonus to be claim together with other on going promotion

Gambler are not allowed to claim other ongoing promotions at once. To illustrate, punters claim each promotion at a different time or until the credits are depleted within the wallet.

Can I make a deposit after claimed this attendance bonus

Yes you may. Initially punter does not have restriction of not allowed to make a deposit after claiming the bonus.

Is there any terms for the rewards credit

General terms and conditions of JudiBot are applied. However should punters play against the terms and conditions, the credit for the incentive and any winnings will be counted as void.