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About Live22 Casino

Live22 Casino Bot is one of the leading brands providing players the option to gamble online. JudiBot is an online gambling platform that is promoting and providing gamblers an option to gamble without having the need to step into a casino anymore. Particularly, this is where the partnership began between JudiBot and Live22 Casino Bot. During the pandemic , with guidelines of maintaining distance and even seeing most of the places are under curfew , where Live22 Casino comes to play. As one of the leading brands in South East Asia during 2020 and 2021 , upon the pandemic hit , a lot of business has been closing down , but not Live22. Importantly, as one of the leading brands that offer online gambling , Live22 Casino is offering games like slots game , casino game and even offline table game. 

Why Live22 Casino Bot ?

There are few reasons why one should add JudiBot Live22 as their choices for gambling.

  • Casino Bot via Telegram
  • Bot that respond to commands menu
  • Deposit & Withdrawal by just pressing the commands
  • Encryption Safe

Why JudiBot Casino ?

JudiBot is one of the official partners that promote safe gambling during the pandemic season as the covid-19 are spreading globally. By promoting safe gambling , gamblers does not need to step their feet into the casino. Furthermore, JudiBot is aiming to be one of the major online casino platforms across Southeast Asia. Lastly, do checkout more reason you should choose JudiBot as one of your choice to gamble :-

  • Safe & Trusted brand
  • User friendly platform via Telegram Bot
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Accumulated more than 50,000 members in 1year
Live22 Casino x JudiBot
JudiBot | Live22 Casino Bot

How to register for Live22 via JudiBot Casino

Players can search for JudiBot via telegram search bar or just simply click here !

How to Deposit funds via JudiBot Live22 

For instance, players may interact with JudiBot by just pressing the deposit command for the banking details. JudiBot accepts various alternative funds for deposit or top up. Funds can be transferred via Instant transfer. Moreover, online interbank transfers are easy and free of charge makes transactions today easier and faster. Alternatively, funds can be made through cash deposit machines. 

How to Withdraw funds via JudiBot Live22

For instance, players may select the withdraw command on JudiBot. However, do make sure the information for the banking details for receiving funds is correct. Additionally, JudiBot does not collect tips and does not charge for withdrawal.

How to download Live22 Casino via JudiBot

Generally players can get the download link via JudiBot Casino by pressing the download commands. Alternatively, click here to download the game.

Should your download not started , click here to download.

How many games does Live22 Casino have ?

Live22 online casino offers mainly slot games, In addition , Live22 Casino does offer live dealer games as well. Not to mention, offline table games such as AI blackjack and baccarat included too.

What OS does Live22 support ?

Live22 Online Casino supports two of the major OS in the market which is Android and iOS. With the compatibility, rest assured players are able to enjoy the service provided by Live22 via JudiBot.

Will Live22 ever hold a maintenance session ?

Yes , Live22 does have a maintenance routine. To clarify, players’ game credits are safe in case there’s a maintenance period. Therefore, JudiBot plays an important  role as JudiBot will update players for the maintenance schedule if there’s any.

How to become a Live22 Agent ?

Stay tuned , as coming soon there will be an option to refer friend JudiBot and earn as referred make a deposit. In other words, generating income to the introducer. Consequently , players are able to generate passive income. 

Is Live22 safe to Play?

Definitely safe, this game has been encrypted with a 128-bit security system. Players data is guaranteed to be stored securely on the server. In other words, players transactions will also be kept secret by JudiBot

What Live22 game is the best ?

There’s no secret one of the best payout games available out there today in the market is slot games. In addition, the JudiBot Live22 slots game does offer a chance to win a jackpot as well. 

What are you waiting for, friend … Immediately register Live22 online now only on the trusted online mobile slot game in JudiBot.