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About King855 Casino

As one of the trusted and reliable online casino in Malaysia, live game is a must offered game. Therefore, JudiBot official partner King855 Casino is one of the biggest online bookmakers in Asia. Furthermore, King855 provides extensive gambling and betting services. For instance, different types of table games with live dealers are available to provide first person experience. Namely, popular table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack dragon tiger, etc are available to choose from. Furthermore, traditional fruit machines and modern slots games are available in King855 as well. Alternatively, if you are not into casino games, you may also opt for placing bets on your favorite sports team via the sportsbook in King855.

What OS does King855 support

Currently King855 applications are support on android phones only. To illustrate, gamblers are able to access and enjoy King855 in application. As a result better gaming experience and smoother game play rather than using the website or browser.

Does King855 support iOS

Although there’s no specific application for iOS users. On the contrary, King855 is accessible via browser such as Safari. Regardless of the operating system, gamblers are able to access and start the journey to win money.

King855 maintenance

King855 does have a maintenance routine. To clarify, gamblers’ credits are safe in the event there’s a maintenance period. As a result, gamblers do not need to worry if credits will lost or forfeited during the maintenance session.

Is King855 Casino trusted and safe to Play

King855 is a trusted and safe to play platform, this platform has been encrypted with a 128-bit security system. In addition, players’ data and privacy are guarantee to be store securely on the server for safeguarding. 

What provider are offer in King855 Casino

There’s no secret, some of us preferred certain providers, namely major companies with their special games or even environment. Therefore, as one of the successful platforms, King855 does provide up to 7 providers in the platform.

CT 855

CT 855 popular live-action games, including Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Bullfighting. Granted hundreds of well-trained professional dealers, real casino environments, plus high-definition video, make players feel like they are on the scene. In addition to the desktop web version and download version, there is also a mobile device version, so that players can enjoy the game at any time.

Dream Gaming (DG)

Dream Gaming is another popular live game, providing gambler varieties such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Bullfighting. Furthermore with the well-trained professional dealers, real casino environments, plus high-definition video, make players feel like they are on the scene. In addition, Dream Gaming platform background music ambient definitely will give a pleasant and stress free mood during betting.


China’s top and most famous p2p platform. Granting players are playing against each other using the Kaiyuan server. On the condition rakes will be deducted from the winners per match or per round. At any rate, the rules of the game are to be refer before placing bets as the game play rules differ.

M8 Sports

Sports betting on widest sport match coverage in sportsbook. In addition, with the good odds offered, better returns are definitely. Therefore, do stakes on your favorite team and enjoy the winning moment together instead of cheering for them only.

King855 Slots

King855 Slots provide diversified video games with new gameplay. In addition, with the routine of regularly introduce new slot machines to offer for gamblers. Conversely, slot games with theme innovation makes it more interesting. As a result, players are kept fresh, enjoy entertainment and visual luxury gaming experience